Sunday, November 11, 2012

A New Dawn, A New Day, Slackware 14

So begins my tale of regret and woe and yet a surprisingly good ending.
Of late I have been running Windows on my laptop and it has been rather annoying. I do enjoy the ease of use of Windows but I always find myself going to write something or use a tool that I have grown to enjoy and look for first on Linux/Unix. So I came to the conclusion to wipe the drive and start over with FreeBSD. I love the BSD series of OS... from the first time I came to install FreeBSD and felt lost due to the fact I had neglected to really research anything and grub was just blinking happily at me not yet knowing that I hand't a clue of what to do. To that feeling of triumph and birth of completing the setup. It just grew on me. So I have been wanting to try FreeBSD 9 and felt it would be a opportunity to do so. And once again through lack of research on my part I quickly found that FreeBSD and my optimus card on my laptop did not get along and it was an extremely common issue. Slumping in defeat I decide to go the Linux route and continue the bsd struggle another day. When it comes to Linux because of my BSD leanings I tend to like either Slackware, Debian, or Linux from Scratch. That is when I found out that Slackware 14 came out. So now my laptop is running Slackware like a dream. It is smooth and much of the basic functions are running right out of the box. I have run Slackware 13.37 on this laptop as well. And while it did work it had glitches here and there that were both fun and annoying to work through. So far I have yet to run into a problem with 14. While I may be depressed that the chance to fix many of those problems has not presented itself. Overall, it seems that the process has been smoothed out and I could recommend this version of Linux to my tech friends who have been windows based for most of their lives.
So in the end I can say that this latest version of Slackware is pretty simplistic and delicious all around. Though I am still sad about not having BSD.

Note: I have been running Slackware 14 since I first type this and it is excellent and fast, currently using fluxbox on it with a slim login interface for the gui portions of it.

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